Monday, February 16, 2009

Peeve of the Day: People Being Mean to Taylor Momsen

You guys. I love Gossip Girl. I love it so hard. And a big part of that is Little J. I never even watched the show until the beginning of Season 2, and I was all "Oh, I don't know, this seems like something I should like, but I watched that one episode with Dawn from Buffy, and I was turned off by all the coke snorting and whining, but on the other hand it had Lisa Loeb so obviously it deserves another chance." And there was this adorable tiny blond girl in adorable clothes with pink tulle (!) that she made herself (!) and yeah she has raccoon eyes and a haircut that says "oooh I'm so freaking edgy!" but you know what, I had those things too at 15. Well, except for the pink tulle, that was something I only aspired to have. And instead of artfully smudged, professionaly applied raccoon eyes, I just had a hideous excess of black eyeliner and possibly glitter.

Anyways, my point is that when I was 15 I totally wanted nothing more than to be Taylor Momsen. And by Taylor Momsen, I mean Jenny Humphrey. But for the sake of this post, lets assume that they are exactly the same. Well, and I'm pissed that the writers made her go back to Constance, becuase LAAAAAME she should be a working teen!

OK, back on track. Sorry, I am just passionate about fictional teenaged clothing designers. The thing is, bloggers that I want to be when I grow up, like the ladies at Go Fug Yourself and Evil Beet are all "Taylor Momsen looks like a lemur and should dress like an old grama blaahhhh". And I love aforementioned blogs, but I gotta disagree. She is pretty and young and rich and famous, and she should wear what makes her feel cool! She will grow out of the haircut eventually, and probably the sneer. But for now, do your thing, Tay Tay. I love it!

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